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Human has been characterized by mind from other creatures since the beginning of humanity. This functional device enables human to improve himself and the manner of his life. Almighty Allah characterizes human by giving him mind. Beyond that, he was tested if he could conduct his life and use the assets idealistically. Human nature helps him to identify a goal for his life and his lifestyle and not to be random or instinctively. He should be organized in a scientific and systematic way. From this logic, man starts to care for planning in a simple way. By the time, his caring for planning increased intensively. Also, it increased by the awareness of individuals and groups of its necessity in various aspects of their lives. As a result, organizations make planning one of their functional priorities because it prevents them from the risk of falling into several problems. If we look at all aspects of life (social, economic, political, and so on), we will see that all of them depend on planning

But planning process should not be randomly. It should follow a scientific pattern and specific methodical path. It begins with setting the ultimate goal of the existence of the organization and ends with the process of monitoring what has been implemented to track mistakes and try to correct them. As a result, planning should be on a strategic basis and should take into account the size of the organization and its potential, and the surrounding where you live.

The action plan represents a historic shift in the role of relief programs which are equipped with the most accurate and robust set of tools to address basic needs in health, education, protection, food and non-food aid and shelter. Its aim represents in reducing dependence on third parties and supporting governmental and international efforts to ensure long-term solutions for the challenges resulting from the armed conflict.
In this plan, we will focus on six key areas:
• Health.
• Protection.
• Education.
• Agriculture and environment
• Press and media
• Women and children

Specific priorities will be set based on the specific needs and priorities of the provinces or target areas and according to the comparative advantage that can be achieved by programs at particular time and place.
It is the responsibility of the organization to use resources which are entrusted to it in an efficient and effective way through monitoring and evaluating closely the outcomes of activities and programs and measuring the outcomes and impacts which are related to them.

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