Who are we ?

  Enaya organization is the Entity of “Enaya Foundation” dedicated for Social cohesion and reintegration (SCORE) calibrated and adapted to the context of Civil war 2014 in Yemen to benefit citizens of Yemen with regards to reform process in agriculture policy improving the economic efficiency of the sector, to foster sustainable growth, service delivery, gender equality and equity to increase employment opportunities and incomes in agriculture by combating hunger, poverty, climatic crisis and issues of preservation of water reserves among farmers.

The chaos and insecurity of civil war 2014 threatens and destroys access to food, shelter, social support and health care of the people of Yemen resulting in increased vulnerability among the communities.  Enaya Organization aims to support evidence-based programme and policy design by carrying out Domestic Resource Cost (DRC) analyses of crops to provide one indicator of efficiency concluding that some crops are currently attractive in terms of returns to the factors of land, water, labor and foreign exchange. 

In this context, Enaya Organization endorses that national food policy should be re-adjusted to include actions for promoting rainfed cereals and reducing the emphasis on irrigated wheat. For this Enaya organization aims to provide robust scientific methodologies and approach that can identify policy and program interventions with the greatest likelihood of impact and help partners validate their Theory of change (TOC) before sponsoring and endorsing new investments with the most likelihood of constructive social change for a more prosperous and cohesive Yemen.

We work with Government, ministries, human right organizations, grass root organizations, NGOs, INGOs, civil society (CS) and civil society organizations (CSOs) to design policies, strategies, programmes and services to benefit men, women, farmers, children and youth across the country. It works nationally to make the vision of sustainable development goals (SDGs) 1,2,3,5,7 and 12 a reality for the citizens of Yemen to fast-track progress on meeting their needs nationwide by taking initiatives on the municipality level creating civic engagement.

Our Mission

Mission of Enaya Organization is to formulate the policy and program recommendations to improve socio-economic infrastructure of yemen through effective service delivery by prioritizing municipal services and citizens dialogue for investing in infrastructure and utilities to improve Agriculture in Yemen because Humanitarian action is central to Enaya Organization's mandate and realizing the rights of the people of Yemen to foster actions for sustainable growth and to increase employment opportunities and income in Agriculture.

Our Vision

Agriculture sector plays a vital role in providing income and employment, in feeding the country and saving foreign exchange. Enaya organization focuses production of high value crops by developing strategies for crop production in rainfed areas to diminish the dominant role of irrigated wheat emphasizing to formulate the policies for cereal production. Enaya organization ensures to research on crops that remain viable under water constraints such as potatoes, sesame, cowpeas(fieldpeas) etc. vulnerable people of Yemen and their families to provide them with the essential interventions required for protection, to save lives and to ensure their rights everywhere.

Our Goals

1-Humanitarian action
2-Social cohesion and reintegration
3-Respect for diversity
4-Team work
5-Commitment to Learning


Enaya is the brighten side of Yemen

Every human being has the right to live in a safe and inclusive environment

“Enaya Organization” works with partners around the world to promote policies and expand access to services in agriculture for the people Yemen.”

 Enaya organization’s office is the focal point of Agriculture Programmes (AGPS) aligning with sustainable goals 1,2,3,5,8,9,10,15 and 17 leading efforts to ensure that the  organization is properly equipped to fulfill that role, and that all levels of the organization are prepared to ensure to implement agricultural programmes for the rights of the citizens of Yemen including those affected by humanitarian crises. AGPS, provides the core infrastructure to support the development of agricultural production by individual farmers and recognizing to provide more cost-effective services based on clearly defined farmers’ needs.

Enaya organization has devised ” ONE STEP MORE ” program to ensure awareness raising and capacity building among the farmers to improve crop production in rainfed areas.

Enaya Organization Chart

Contact with us

  • website: http://www.enayayemen.org
  • Email: info@enayayemen.org
  • Telephone: +967774102060
  • Our Hours :9:00Am – 3:00Pm